AglaeaGroup - Knocking On Doors And Stroking Cocks


AglaeaGroup - Knocking On Doors And Stroking Cocks
You are at home alone looking out the window when your doorbell rings. Who could that be? You go to the door, musing who could be there, and find a petite young redhead in a short sundress standing outside. Confused, you open the door. She looks at you with relief and says she is knocking on doors around the neighbourhood giving out the best handjobs and wants to stroke YOUR cock. But, you are reluctant because you are a virgin and have never even touched a tit. She puts your hand on her natural breast then comes inside, and walks with you over to your couch. She has you lay down and pulls down your shorts, then starts to stroke you using her spit as lubrication. Quickly your cock gets very hard, and you hand her some lube to facilitate the handjob. She strokes and strokes, taking off her dress and panties so she can be naked like you, until you explode in your very first orgasm from a woman's hand all over her hands. She goes to your bathroom to wash up then takes her leave.

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