AglaeaGroup - Uncle Jack Likes My Pretty Pink Toes


AglaeaGroup - Uncle Jack Likes My Pretty Pink Toes
With anyone that I'm new at, Uncle Jack always stresses the importance of practice - "Practice, practice, practice!" he would tell me. Now that I've never given a footjob before, Uncle Jack is here to help! I oil up my feet and start stroking his cock, making sure he's nice & hard. I then slide his thick dick in between my arches and start getting to work. He is loving every minute of it. I seem to be a natural, but Uncle Jack still stresses that it's important that I keep practicing, and that we will need to practice "a lot." I sit on his chest and get my hands back around his cock and continuing to massage his balls with my feet. Uncle Jack starts trembling and then lets out a hearty groan as I drain him of his cum and spurt it all over my feet. I love practicing!

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