AglaeaGroup - When Sex Spells Go Wrong


AglaeaGroup - When Sex Spells Go Wrong
It's Halloween-time, and witch Sherry is contemplating bringing herself a nice cock to play with during her upcoming party. She twirls the globe, looking for the best place to call a man from around the world, then decides instead she will just cast a spell and bring herself a cock! With great care and decorum, she casts what she believes to be the perfect spell - one that will bring her the BEST man and cock to with which to play! But when the magical smoke clears, she discovers that she has conjured a cock onto herself! A great big, hard Futanari cock! Interested, she begins to stroke her new cock, contemplating all the things she can fuck with it, and she starts to enjoy herself. She gets so into stroking her cock that she makes it cum all over her - twice! Hurriedly, she casts another spell to cause the Futa cock to disappear, leaving her in her natural state to enjoy her party.

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