Alexis Bandit - Make a Little Wish


Alexis Bandit - Make a Little Wish
A power witch has decided to make room for you in her heart and her life. She has chosen you as her partner in the dark arts. You make the grave mistake of refusing her hand and now you will pay dearly… you and everyone you love that it. She tried everything to seduce you, including revealing her full nude body. You have insulted and rejected her for the last time. She shrinks you and all you love down to to tiny specs of dust. She destroys everyone but you. Her power protects you from harm so she can toy with you as rough as she pleases. She has many plans for you once you watch her obliterate everyone you once cared for. Listen to them scream as she plants her huge feet on them, eats them and so much more.

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femdom pov vore role play giantess giants