alexsisfaye - Body tour . watch but don't touch


alexsisfaye - Body tour . watch but don't touch
custom video. The Story I am your co-worker who has agreed to come to your flat and tease you with a "body tour," where you can look at me but not allowed to touch. I arrive in sunglasses, heels, minimal or no makeup, and wearing only a coat. I tease you removing the coat to full nude, then give you a twirl and catwalk back and forth and side to side so you can admire me from all angles (full body and closer too). Later in the vid i give you some sway and shake of my lovely boobs, and turn around to bend and tease you with my lovely legs and ass. Lastly, some close ups all over my body (including my face and eyes) to complete the tour. At the end, i put on my coat and blow you a kiss before i leave.

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big boobs big ass eye glasses tease & denial fantasy