EroticaBabes - Gemma Lou milk shake boobs


EroticaBabes - Gemma Lou milk shake boobs
Gemma Lou is making up a hi-energy shake. She is wearing a pink lingerie top and is braless underneath. She add some powder to her shaker pot and starts to mix the powder with the water by shaking vigorously. This has the desired result in making her massive natural boobs wobble, bounce and jiggle. Gemma then stops and takes off the shoulder straps of her top and pulls it down to show off her tits. Her nipples are large and swollen from the material rubbing on them. She continues to mix the beverage, shaking and letting her tits bounce as she does so. She is leaning forwards most of the time so her tits hang and move more as a result. We shot with two cameras and we cut between the two viewpoints throughout the duration of the video. Gemma put the bottle down and the picks up some of the milk shake powder and pats it onto her boobs. She bounces and claps them together with her hands and the powder soon falls off her tits as she bounced and claps them. At the end of the normal sp33d action there is a whole slow motion sequence. You can see Gemma's tits bouncing, swaying and moving about as she moves and shakes to make her beverage.

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