EroticaBabes - Gemma Lou seaman Gemma


EroticaBabes - Gemma Lou seaman Gemma
Gemma is wearing her seaman's costume with red heels on. Hardly a deck shoe, but who are we to judge. They soon come off anyway. Gemma starts to caress her body and unzip the front of her costume. She leans over and gives you a great view of her cleavage. She is wearing blue and white striped knickers and bra under her uniform. Standard navy issue I guess. She unzips the front of her outfit and plays with her bra. Completely unzipping her uniform Gemma turns around to show her ass. She then returns to the seated position and puts back on her cap that had fallen off. She picks up a blue rubber ring to help her keep afloat. She chats to you about needing the ring in case her boobs don't keep her afloat. She then starts to pump up the ring with a hand pump. You see here boobs working hard to stay in her bra as she pumps in and out with the hand pump. We cut to some slow motion sequences so you can see her boobs getting jiggled and squeezed as she moves about whilst pumping up the ring. We are in nice and close whilst this is happening! Gemma stands up and bends over and continues to pump up and down on the hand pump. We get to see her boobs still in her bra and moving about as they strain to get out. Gemma then does a slow motion sequence with no bra and bending over we see her boobs bounce, hang and jiggle as she pumps, again this is all in slow motion. Then we cut back to normal sp33d and Gemma is seated again with her bra back on. She finishes pumping up the ring and stands up. She poses with the ring and then removes her bra at 08:00. Now topless, she picks up the ring and pushes her boobs through the centre hole in the ring. She plays with the ring and we get to see her manicured French nails, and her massive tits. We spend more time on her tits than her nails in fairness. The video was shot with two camera, more of the video is viewed from the closer camera. The second camera, suffered from some water overspray from the previous scene and the picture quality is a little soft, sort of like looking through a stocking. It's still good enough quality for viewing and making out the details. We don't cut to that camera too often over the course of the video so it's not that distracting, but thought we've mention it. The screenshot is taken from the camera to give you an idea of the clarity

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