EroticaBabes - KylieK self spanking ass wobble


EroticaBabes - KylieK self spanking ass wobble
The wonderful KylieK does another scene for us. She starts off fully nude and remains that way for the entire clip. She is doing a little gentle self-spanking in these scene. She swaps between a 2 types of paddle; a leather on and a heavier lexan one. She also does some hand spanking too. The idea here is purely to get her ass and thighs wobbling and jiggling. She moves through different poses and positions during the video. Laying on her tummy, on her side, on all fours, kneeling so you get a range of differing poses. There are two cameras filming the action and we swap between the two angles throughout the video. One is mainly wide full-length, and the other gets in closer. The audio and video quality of very good on this clip. It was shot with two Sony A7III cameras and separate audio. There are a number of slow motion sequences throughout the length of the video where the action is slowed to 50% and also 25% slower sp33d. The way KylieK's flesh ripples, wobbles and jiggles is a delight to see and to hear. If you love PAWG, then this is for you. If you love to see wobbling, slow motion, jiggle, and tease then it's a must for your collection.

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