EroticaBabes - Lola-Marie spanking pleasure


EroticaBabes - Lola-Marie spanking pleasure
Lola-Marie has a great ass. In this scene we have a playful go with her butt. The scene starts off with Lola-Marie completely nude, a promising start! She has two paddles to choose from and picks one up and starts to spank her ass. There are two cameras filming this scene, a close up shot and a medium wide shot. The video cuts between the two camera angles for the duration of the scene. You get to see and hear Lola-Marie spanking her ass. They are more playful spanks over hard and heavy spanks. She starts off standing in front of the camera with her ass in full view. She then gets onto the therapy couch and gets on all fours with her ass up in the air. This is a great view of her tits hanging down and wobbling as she hits her ass. You also get super views of her ass and thighs and she hits them with the paddle and they jiggle and ripple. She gets back down off the couch and you can see she has red cheeks. We get in close and you see her continue to spank her ass. Those buttocks wobble, shimmy and flex. She puts down the paddle and opts for the bending over resting her arms on the couch. The perfect position for some spanking. Our male assistant then steps in to administer some firmer strokes with the bare hand. You see and hear the difference. Lola-Marie's ass flexes and pancakes under the pressure. The look and sound of these strokes are awesome. The camera angle is perfect, ass height and crystal clear and in focus. There's a pause between strokes to allow the booty to wobble and come to rest. There's also some caressing and wobbling of her ass cheeks with the hand. From the position you get to see a side view of Lola-Marie's tits hanging down and bouncing when the spanks hit home. Her ass gets redder and redder over the course of this treatment. She has a good pain threshold for sure. The strokes are ideal to show booty movement and wobble. At 06:06 MM:SS there's the start of a long slow motion sequence where Lola-Marie shakes and wobble her ass for you, a minute later the male hand comes back in and starts to spank her ass. Oh the joy of seeing that flesh move. The view of her ass in unhindered as the hand spanks and them moves out of the way. You get to see the spank and the recoil and the settling of her flesh. There's a bit of slow caressing of her ass too in slow motion, but mostly her being spanked. The slow motion is a long sequence and runs until the end of the video. It's a slow motion fest, that's what it is. Lola-Marie wobbling, jiggling, being spanked in slow motion, my life is now complete.

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