EroticaBabes - Tallulah pumped suction pussy


EroticaBabes - Tallulah pumped suction pussy
We do love a pussy pump, thankfully Tallulah loves them too. She hates the fact that you can't play with yourself whilst the pump is on and her pussy is all engorged and pumped up. She would love to finger fuck herself through the plastic. In this scene Tallulah uses a pussy pump in different positions to pump up her pussy and make it red and enlarged. The clear plastic gives a great view of her pussy in this state. As the scene progresses Tallulah is getting horny, turned on and wet as the pump starts to steam up meaning that she is very wet between her legs. There are two camera viewpoints, close and wide. The close up shots are very clear and give great views of her swollen pussy. You get to see it from the front and from behind. Tallulah is turned on by this device. She loves it

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