EroticaBabes - Terraflare princess butt plug


EroticaBabes - Terraflare princess butt plug
Terraflare is on the bed surrounded by an array of spanking and flogging implements. She is topless and wearing a lingerie bodysuit. She examines each of the implements, before choosing a paddle. She turns around to show her ass and starts to spank her butt. You can see that she is already wearing a princess butt plug. She turns around so she is side onto the camera still on all fours and continues to spank herself. She moves to a seated position and picks up a red flogger, spreads her legs and starts to flog her tits and inner thighs. We slow the motion down so you can see her flogging her tits in slow motion. She leans forwards letting her tits hang forward and spanks them with her hand. Again we show you this at normal sp33d and in slow motion so you can see her boobs bounce and jiggle as she smacks them. Then she picks up another paddle, a long thin one, and continues to spank her tits. She has an awesome curvy body. At 05:03 MM:SS she chooses a metal flogger, this is quite aggressive. She turns around and shows you her ass as she starts to flog it, you can see the impact as it ripples through her body. Her ass cheeks are starting to turn red. A little bit of twerking and then she starts to hand spank and wobble her ass. The camera is down low as ass level and her butt fills the frame. We show you this at normal sp33d and in slow motion too. Her pussy lips wobble as she spanks her big ass. All the time that butt plug is glinting at you. Her ass cheeks redden as she continues to spank her butt. The scene was shot with 2 HD DSLR cameras, one wide and one close up, we swap between the two viewpoints throughout the video. At 08:37 MM:SS there's a short sequence of pussy spanking and then followed by some more twerking. We show you this at normal sp33d and in slow motion.

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