EroticaBabes - Tina Kay p33 stream


EroticaBabes - Tina Kay p33 stream
Tina Kay starts the scene by introducing it with the clapperboard - just like at the movies. She then starts to massage her belly and pussy to encourage a p33. She is on tip toe squatting down with her back against the wall. She is nude with her pussy exposed in her wide legged pose There are two camera angles, a close up and a wider shot. We swap between the two views and Tina starts to let a stream of p33 gush out. She then stops for a short pause and then massages her pussy before recommencing with her p33. She lets rip with a big stream, pushing it out with her muscles to get a long high arc of p33. Tina is chatting and giggling whilst she is p33ing. It's a fun scene with great close ups of her p33 and pussy

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