Ginary - 3 Girl Sorority Wedgie Initiation


Ginary - 3 Girl Sorority Wedgie Initiation
Sexy Sorority Leader, Paris Love, walks around with her paddle, intimidating the initiates. Scarlett Venom smarts off to Paris, saying she’s a “Legacy” and shouldn’t have to do initiations. Paris laughs, and makes them do jumping jacks. Next, she makes them get on their knees and bark like a dogg as they are bent over. Paris laughs at their granny panties as Scarlett and Goddess Marcy are bent over, and she starts to wedgie them. Paris gives Scarlett and Marcy wedgies all over the Sorority common space, then makes Scarlett and Marcy wedgie each other as she watches and laughs! For their final test, Paris makes them put on their panties like tank tops and twerk in them! (Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Marcy, Paris, or Scarlett? Email us today.)

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