Hankyspank - Smelling sis panties& childhood stories


Hankyspank - Smelling sis panties& childhood stories
This is 2/4 of the "sweetie" vids. . I wonder what my moms panties smell like? She only wears thongs it was hard to find a pair in the laundry that had anything more than a string attatched. You want a pair? Message me I'll show ya my moms/lil sisters panty drawer and let ya pick out a pair i have 3 lil sisters btw ask for ages i might be the most taboo comfortable person you'll find haha so this video is very vocal i talk a lot about my sexy mom and what me and my baby sister would do to each other at grandmas house when we were very young. It all started in our swimming p00l, i said ill suck your dick if you suck mine. She didn't know what to say but she wanted to find out. I don't have a dick to clarify, i was just a kid and didn't know what to say hahah. We both slept in the same bed that night, my dads old bed still the same at grandmas house that he slept in as a kid. You don't wanna hear stories about my daddy..... Might be too much for ya. So here's a little bit about my first sexual experiments before i was even 12 and a little bit about my hot mommy anyone wanna see my mom? The other day i found an old photo album my dad took, anyway she's not shy and she was about 19 in the pics. Lmk if that's something youre interested in, plenty of nudes haha she's got the same body as my sister. sadly i wasnt so lucky! Yeah if im being honest, i think my little sister and mom have always been sexier than me. I wear both their panties, and smell them both and it turns me on! More than i expected when i started the video. Maybe I'll stuff the panties? Stay tuned, hanks. . . I'm just a little girl! . .check me out here too FREE SUB https://onlyfans.com/?ref=1609797

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