Lila Lovely - Bathroom JOI


Lila Lovely - Bathroom JOI
Lila is getting ready for a second date. She's in the bathroom dressed in just a towel touching up when her date shows up and surprises her early. Lila is startled to see him but tells him he can hang out and chill while she finishes getting ready. As her dates is standing there Lila notices he has an erection. She explains that she has a strict rule about not hooking up until at least 3 dates. Although Lila does like to know what he is packing in his pants. She tells him to show her his dick while teasing him with her towel barely covering her body. Lila begins to instruct him on how to jerk off for her. She continues teasing her body while he strokes. Lila lifts her legs and begins rubbing her clit until she squirts all over herself. All while he watches and jerks his dick. Finally Lila allows him to cum as she counts him down from 10.

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