Lila Lovely - Sweaty Gym Farts


Lila Lovely - Sweaty Gym Farts
Lila just got back to her hotel room after using the gym. Her stepson happens to be in the room watching tv when she gets back. Lila is irritated by him watching tv an demands the remote control. When she grabs it from him he tells her that she smells bad. She's now even more irritated and tells him she only puts up with him because of his dad. Lila is so perturbed she sticks her ass in his face and farts. She tells him that since he thinks she smells so bad he can sniff her farts and laughs. She tells him to get onto the bed because she's going to sit on his face and make him smell her farts. Lila has him in multiple positions blowing explosive gas through her tight leggings. She's happy and has asserted her dominance now over him and laughs it off and hits the shower.

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femdom humiliation big ass ass worship farting