Lila Lovely - Tickle Interrogation


Lila Lovely - Tickle Interrogation
Lila is lounging with her roommate, Dani, and they are both immersed in their phones. Lila notices Dani smiling and texting and asks who’s got her attention. Dani denies that it’s anyone special and Lila looks at her suspiciously. Lila teases and tickles her foot and presses the question again. Dani is annoyed, she hates getting tickled, and again denies Lila’s interrogation. Lila suspects Dani is fooling around with her boyfriend and tickles her to get answers. Dani holds back telling her that she met up with Robbie, Lila’s boyfriend, for lunch. As the tickling intensifies Dani starts leaking details about her involvement with Robbie. Lila torments her by tickling her feet as she’s got her pinned on the floor. After the intense tickling and questions Dani admits to seeing Lila’s boyfriend but nothing more than just having lunch. Lila reluctantly accepts Dani answer but is clearly suspicious still!

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