Lily Ann X - unaware giantess crushes party guests


Lily Ann X - unaware giantess crushes party guests
I threw a party the night before and somehow guests got shrunk all around my house. I go to a room wondering where everyone is and notice a few "bugs" on the floor. I casually step on them and then walk to the bathroom. There's a shrunken person that's on the toilet seat but I don't notice it and sit down and use the toilet. I begin washing my hands unknowingly step on another one. Then I go to my bedroom and my boyfriend is there, I tell him that I want to have fun. One of the shrunken people are on a condom wrapper trying to get my attention but I open it and he falls into the condom which I use to have sex and he cums in it. When we are having sex we casually roll into some of them. Then I take the used condom and throw in a trash can.

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