MessyCleo - Sauvory Satisfaction


MessyCleo - Sauvory Satisfaction
We love to get messy and when Bigmac Tom asked us to record a custom scene for him, we were very interested indeed. He wanted us to enjoy some savoury mess as a couple and has a big love for knicker filling. So armed with that knowledge we bought the mess and planned a great couples session. In this scene we use 5kg of beans, 5kg of pasta, 3L of mayonaise and 26 eggs. The scene starts with Bob sitting on his knees, dressed in his swimming trunks, hands tied behind his back. Cleo enters the scene and sits down next to him. She wants to try how much mess fits into his trunks. She starts with cracking some eggs into his pants and quickly follows it with mayonaise. She then adds pasta and beans until his pants are bulging out with mess. Cleo gropes into his trunks and start to work his allready hard cock for a while. She then covers his body with the different substances and starts to rub her own body against his. Slowly she gets messier and messier herself... She then releases Bobs hands and he joins the fun by quickly removing her top. The then starts to cover her big boobs with the mess. groping and squeezing them while he does so. He also tries to stuff a handfull of pastas into her thong and rubs them against her very wet pussy. Cleo then starts to give Bob a boobjob, rubbing her beautiful huge boobs against his cock. He helps her to keep it nice and slippery by cracking eggs over it and pouring mayonaise on his cock. He then covers her is the mess that lies all around them and cums hard on her boobs when he sees her covered in all that lovely savoury mess.

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