MMM100 - Chubby anal blonde at the beach


MMM100 - Chubby anal blonde at the beach
It's the winter on this abandonned beach and this pretty blond, even if the water is cold, wants to have a bath... So she jumps in the water but come back as fast... completly frozen... "I'm cold" she says... "p00r little pusy...come here, I'm gonna warm you ... Oh god, you're a slut !!! I'm so well in your pussy !! What ? Harder ? Sure... if you like it hard... I gonna give very hard... come on, giv me you ass, such a voluptous ass have to be honoured !!! Oh, bu you are used to be sodomized nasty slut !! You're completly opened !!! Even hard ? Sure ? Ok, it's gonna be hard !!! But don't complain if you can't walk tomorrow... " A fucking good scene, intensive and in HD !!

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