MMM100 - Interracial sex at the beach


MMM100 - Interracial sex at the beach
Kevin is a very hot and horny guy. He is always thinking of fucking, wherever he is, wherever he goes. Now he is at the beach and having some rest, because he was out partying last night, but the one and only thing that is on his mind, is recalling the black chick that he met yesterday night in the discotheque. And, of course, his hot and wet dreams make him dream that he is fucking that girl in every position possible: doggie-style, from the side, from above, from below, etc. His dick is never stopping to move and to enter the juicy pussy and the impressive ass! And in the end, all of his cum will get on top of the dark skin of the chick. The only bad thing is that this is not real, it's just a dream, well, life is a dream, and dreams are only dreams.

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