svmod25 - BBC Cuckold - Your Wifes' Therapist


svmod25 - BBC Cuckold - Your Wifes' Therapist
I had a really good therapy session today, hopefully I get my sex drive back soon and I start to feel more horny for you. I know we haven't had sex in so long, but I really think my therapist will help, whats her name? oh ermm.. sam? samantha. Yeah Samantha. What does she look like? Ok, I'll be honest, my therapist wasn't a women, he was a man. A black man. I got so turned on as soon as I saw him, I couldn't help myself. I know the reason why we don't have sex any more. It's because big black cocks turn me on, and you don't. Do you want me to tell you all the things he did to me in my hour session? How he touched my tits and squeezed me, bent me over and slid his BBC into my pussy. I don't think I ever want to fuck another cock that isn't black, including yours

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